Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire 1.195

Sins of a Solar Empire is a space RTS game developed by Stardock Entertainment

With Sins of a Solar Empire, you will be able to conquer space in real time - that is the attractive proposal of this game, which is full of the best space RTS ingredients. A long history, several factions, hundreds of weapons, strong multiplayer component and many ships and flying hours.

The real-time strategy genre comes back with an enjoyable, interesting and risky title, Sins of a Solar Empire. In this game, you can create your intergalactic empire through a system that adapts to any player.
The story leads you to a conflict between three factions: the Vasari Empire (a remnant of a much greater empire that once controlled the galaxy) , the Trader's Emergency Coalition (a rigid capitalist oligarchy) and the Advent (exiled descendants of an "aberrant" human culture), the Vasari being the only aliens.
While playing, you will explore a completely dynamic large-scale galaxy, conquer distant planets and scaled solar systems with full 3D environments.
Also you will have the capability to customize and improve your units.

Sins Of A Solar Empire PC offers you various roles, from emperor to fleet commander, and each will have its obligations. You may also forge alliances with other cultures, establish market policies and you will be able to set exploration strategies too. This game also has a multitude of modes for both single player or multiplayer on the Internet.
Sins of a Solar Empire proves to be a rare mixture to be taken into account.

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  • Dynamic environment
  • Customizable


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